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You want your money to grow as fast as it can, but you also want protection against the market. In short, you want the greatest return for the least risk. So do we.

Here at Intelligent Fund Management, LLC, we’re building a fund management system that’s easy to understand and goes well beyond what the classic “Advisors” can offer in terms of performance. It’s called OmniFunds.

Put your money on cruise control...

Automated wealth management is a hot topic these days. Today’s new “Robo Advisors” automatically select a group of Exchange Traded Funds for you using an old concept called “Modern Portfolio Theory”. MPT works fine in UP markets, but in DOWN markets, it just doesn’t cut it.


OMNIFUNDS analyzes market direction and industry trends to make sure holdings are aligned in the direction of the market. Not only are OmniFunds easy to understand - They can earn returns as high as 18% per year.

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Reap the Benefits Now AND Later.

OmniFunds is in Development but we have a Prototype that works NOW. “Crowd Funding” investors are using the prototype to diversify and manage their investments while we build out the web site application.

Those investors who engage in the Crowd Fund option gain enormous benefits, including 100% FREE ACCESS to our OmniFunds Web Site when completed (Summer 2016). And that FREE ACCESS is good FOR LIFE.

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Low Cost

With our Crowd Funding option, gain UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to the OmniFunds product when released. Crowd Funders also get our powerful Prototype Application, which can be used to engage the market NOW.

You are in control

OmniFunds is easy to understand, which is important because you will know precisely how your account is being managed. The money is in YOUR account. Not ours! You are always in complete control.

Set it and Forget it

OmniFunds AUTOMATICALLY invests in ETFs based on 25 years of research. You always get email notifications of every position change before it happens, which you can manually override.

Broker Support

We directly support several mainstream brokers, including Interactive Brokers, TradeKing, and GXTrader. Support for TD AmeriTrade, Schwab (OptionsExpress), E*Trade and others COMING SOON!

Intelligent Fund Management

The Smart Answer to Fund Management for Today's Passive Investor
OmniFunds: Intelligent ETF Switching for Individual Investors.

Let's face it -- Most investors have no idea where to put their money so it can grow safely. They also want to beat market returns if they can. The current generation of fund managers don't think it's possible to consistently beat the market. The demonstrations on this web site show how we are disproving this myth. We apply advanced market analysis to determine when the environment is favorable for equities and other types of assets to appreciate. Then, we use Intelligent Switching Algorithms to target those ETFs within the category that have the most potential to appreciate. We call it Intelligent Fund Management - a solid approach to managing money that has the promise of beating returns currently being generated by most advisors, including the new "Robo Advisors." This web site is all about the application of principles we have built over 30 years of research into the principles of Technical Analysis. We have a prototype OmniFunds application now, and are building towards adding these algorithms into this web site so users can easily understand and target a method they are comfortable with. Are you looking for a better way to manage your money? Our crowd-funding option makes it possible for users to acquire our technology and USE IT FOR LIFE FOR FREE. We have other investment options for Nirvana customers who are accredited investors. If you are interested in learning more, click "Invest in our company" on the home page and we'll share our plans. The more you learn about IFM, the more excited you are going to get. OmniFunds IS the future of automated fund management.

Our Team

Over 80 Years of Combined Experience in Investing and Trading
Ed Downs
Ed Downs
Ceo and Founder
Ed has over 30 years’ trading experience and holds a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin. Ed invented numerous automated programs for trading, including OmniTrader, VisualTrader, He currently serves as President and CEO of Nirvana Systems, Inc.
Steve Belknap
Steve Belknap
Chief operating Officer
Steve joined Nirvana Systems in 1999. Steve’s business focus includes marketing, personnel, and financial. His trading experience exceeds 20 years and he is an expert in the area of Industry Group Rotation. Prior to joining Nirvana, Steve served for 10 years as General Manager at one of Austin’s largest Country Clubs. Steve holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso.
Hans van der Wal
Hans van der Wal
Chief Technology Officer
Hans worked as an automation software engineer prior to joining Nirvana in 1998. Hans holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Twente, Netherlands, and has extensive software development experience, specializing in Microsoft’s COM architecture and dot Net development. Hans has overseen the development and QA of all Nirvana’s core products in his role of Director of Development.
Jeff Drake
Jeff Drake
Director of Trading Technology
Jeff joined the Nirvana team in 1998 and quickly rose to the role as Director of Education. He has created and presented numerous seminars, publications, and tutorials on trading with Nirvana software. Jeff currently leads a team of scientists in his role as Director of Trading Technology. Jeff and his team have developed several profitable Trading Strategies, modules and plug-ins including the highly successful NSP product line.

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